Modern Cedar Planters

I built a set of modern-looking planters for the front of our house – something a little different from a rectangular box:


I built three of them, and in three different sizes for visual interest:


I was inspired by the simple construction of these tapered cedar planters combined with the appearance of these expensive mahogany ones. I began by creating a jig that would allow me to hold the posts of the planter in place while I laid the cedar strips across:


This ensured that each side was identical, and that each planter was at the same angle even at different heights. I laid each cedar strip (ripped into about 1.5″ strips from inexpensive cedar fence boards from Home Depot) with a spacer between each, and then cut off the ends by hand:


I had some help gluing and nailing the strips in place:




Then I trimmed off the angled ends of the posts:


And finished with a coat of spar polyurethane:


The result:


6 thoughts on “Modern Cedar Planters

  1. Who is that extremely epic person helping you and what saw did you use for cutting off the angled ends of the posts?


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