Douglas Fir Kitchen Table

Our cheap kitchen table was falling apart, so I undertook to make a new one that was better constructed and slightly bigger. After looking over a variety of woods, I chose vertical grain Douglas fir for its warm color, relatively simple grain pattern, and mid-range cost. I followed the plan from the book “Dining Tables.” Here is the result:


I began with the table top, milling the boards and clamping them with cauls:


Then the base. This would be my first attempt at mortise and tenons. Here’s the start of the aprons cut to length, without tenons:


And here is the start of mortising the legs – this was painful, even with a mortising machine:


Then, tapering the legs using a tapering jig on the table saw:


Then, making the corresponding tenons on the aprons – this was done with a regular blade on the table saw, and was less painful.


Here are the legs and aprons complete:


Table base assembled, with groove for the z-clips to hold the tabletop:


Installed corner blocks:


Testing out the table top:


Finished with about five coats of satin Arm-R-Seal:


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